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How to Build a Business Website

The very first time I created a business website was in 2005.

I was way outside of my comfort zone, but that is what I enjoyed, even then.

At that point in time, I was fully immersed in fitness, as a Personal Trainer and as a Fitness Manager.

I knew that I wanted to be able to help even more people than I was able to in my day-to-day routine.

Comfortable with technology, I though about trying Wordpress and some of the other platforms for blogging.

None of them seemed to have the features that I found with SiteSell.

What is Solo Build It?

So, what is Solo Build It or SiteSell? Watch the video just below for your introduction.

I Wasn't Sure I Could Build a Business Website

I was nervous about the time it would take to learn a software that was completely new to me.

What if I screwed up? What if it was too advanced?

It could have been, but the potential for lasting success, and that it was an all-in-one solution drew me in.

What do I mean by all-in-one?

Rather than try to integrate solutions for all the items involved in building a business website, everything was combined for me.

I did not have to worry about hosting a website, email account access, HTML coding, newsletter integration, or anything remotely related to any of those.

Instead of trying to figure out how to fit a square peg into a round hole, those concerns had already been met.

Still, I needed proof. That's why the SBI! Case Studies were so helpful to me.

Results Were Important to Me

As a former Personal Trainer, the results of my clients were always important to me.

And so, the results and success of others who had tried SBI! were important to me, as well.

I spent a long time perusing the SBI! Results Page to see what other entrepreneurs and small business owners had experienced.

With so many people seeing good results in so many different niches, I was positive that I could do the same.

Speaking of Niches, How Would I Choose Mine?

More than anything else, it is what you do before you choose your site name and begin building pages that matters most.

That's why BrainStormIt! is absolutely critical to your online success!

Click to see how BrainStormIt! Makes ALL The Difference!

Where others are throwing darts in the dark in building their websites, you will have a plan more detailed than you, or they, could imagine.

You May Still Have Questions

You may still have questions about whether SBI! is right for you.

Having a web presence that is more than just an "online business card" is critical to your success.

With that, and with the positive experience we have had, we want to enable you in making an informed decision.

If you do still have questions:

  1. Schedule a Discovery Call with us, and we will answer your questions by video call.
  2. Speak directly to a member of the Solo Build It! (SBI!) Team.

There is a reason that in 2019, when given the option of so many online resources, I chose SBI! just as I did in 2005, when I was first building my online presence.

Take the Video Tour Today!

Some of us learn and retain best through video.

Take the SBI! Video Tour today. Share and discuss with your friends, family, and business partners.

Then, get started on what is sure to make a significant difference in your life today!

Not a Do-It-Yourself-er? Let Us Build a Site for You!

SBI! provides incredible resources, but...

We know that not everyone has the time, nor the patience, to take on another DIY project.

If that is you, then let us build the first 10 pages of your business website for you!

Click through utilizing the scheduler below to:

  • Schedule a 30-minute web design consultation call
  • Process your initial investment of $1,000 (a one-time transaction covering your consultation, and initial 10-page website design, to be completed and live within 30 days of our phone conversation)

Our specialty in this area lies in website design for small businesses and individual service providers (e.g., Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Yoga Studio Owners, Artists, Authors, Photographers, etc.), providing you an all-in-one and professional site, helping you to stand alone as the go-to resource in your area.

With this service, we create a brand new website (including domain and hosting) for our clients. Should you already own a domain name and/or have web-hosting for a specific url, we have found it best, in most cases, that our clients create redirects for those web addresses, so that their site visitors arrive to their newly built site.

Should we, either you or our team, find during our initial consultation that we are not a fantastic fit for each other, your initial investment will be fully refunded to you.

Our Web Design for ""

We have a passion for health and fitness, so it was great to work on the website. Click on through and put in some virtual miles. We're happy to work with you to create a site that represents well your business, hobbies, or passion.

Schedule Your Web Design Consult Here & Let Us Build Your Business Website for You!

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