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Our Business Consulting Services

Thank you for your interest in our business consulting services.

Here you will find our options for individuals, small business owners, and established organizations.

If you have not yet spoken with a member of our team, schedule your Discovery Call here as your first step.

Individual Business Consulting

For individuals and small business owners wanting personalized attention, we offer 1:1 coaching available in monthly membership/subscription options.

These include:

  • A selection of 1, 2, or 4, 60-minute coaching calls per month
  • Accountability for your commitment to your goals and the action needed to achieve them
  • Documents, templates, and materials appropriate for your unique situation
  • Text and email access with your coach in-between scheduled calls
  • Automated, recurring monthly billing

To learn about specific pricing for each membership option, and to ensure that we are a great fit for your individual needs, please schedule your Discovery Call.

If you have already spoken with a member of our team, and have additional questions, please send us a message using our Contact Form.

Individual Business Consulting (Special Offer)

We are excited for you to start!

Before beginning with our membership options, those seeking individual business consulting are invited to experience our services with a special, introductory offer.

Introductory 1:1 Business Consulting Package: $200

  • Two (2), 30-minute, 1:1 video/phone coaching calls
  • Accountability for your commitment to your goals and the action needed to achieve them
  • Documents, templates, and materials appropriate for your unique situation
  • Text and email access with your coach in-between scheduled calls

This is a single transaction, and will not directly result in continued invoicing or recurring membership of any type. All sessions must be utilized within 30 days of the purchase date. Limit 1 purchase per individual client.

Follow the instructions in the field just below to enroll today!

Scheduling or Processing Issue? Try This.

If for any reason you encounter issue with scheduling and payment processing in the above field, you may click through here to open the appropriate options within the website.

Business Coaching for Companies

For companies of any size, desiring attention to critical issues, analysis of opportunities, or support in significant organizational change, our business consulting services are offered on a per project basis.

Please schedule a Discovery Call or utilize our Contact Form to be in best contact with us to discuss your organization's unique needs.

Website Design (Do It Yourself or Done For You)

We have been building websites since 2005, and...

We would love for you not to have to make the same mistakes that we did!

Read about our business website adventure and our favorite DIY (do-it-yourself), all-in-one software.

If building a website on your own isn't in your wheelhouse, then...

Let us build it for you!

Click through utilizing the scheduler below to:

  • Schedule a 30-minute web design consultation call
  • Process your initial investment of $1,000 (a one-time transaction covering your consultation, and initial 10-page website design, to be completed and live within 30 days of our phone conversation)

Service Provider and Small Business Specialty

Our specialty in this area lies in website design for small businesses and individual service providers including:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Massage Therapists
  • Yoga Studio Owners
  • Artists
  • Authors
  • Photographers
  • and more...

Let us provide you an all-in-one and professional site, helping you to stand alone as the go-to resource in your area.

A Brand New Website

With this service, we create a brand new website (including domain and hosting) for our clients.

Should you already own a domain name and/or have web-hosting for a specific url, we have found it best that our clients create redirects for those web addresses.

Continued Website Management Options

Following the initial building phase and completion of the 30 days following consultation, we will transfer ownership of the site to you.

At that time you will assume webmaster responsibilities, including the fee structure outlined by SBI!, the resource with which we build each of our client websites.

Should you desire that Acumen Business Strategies continue to oversee webmastery responsibilities beyond the 10 pages and 30 days, we do provide continued membership options.

Should we, either you or our team, find during our initial consultation that we are not a fantastic fit for each other, your initial investment will be fully refunded to you.

Our Web Design Services

Here is an example of our original site build for

Click through for an example of our work. We are happy to work with you to build a site that exemplifies your business, passion, or hobby.

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